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LinkedlnLinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with more than 75 million members globally made its FIRST acquisation yesterday.Linkedln acquired mSpoke, a startup focused on making media more relevant through their recommendation technology with offerings for content publishers, research analysts and individuals.

LinkedIn said it acquired startup mSpoke, whose technology makes it easy for consumers to find relevant content, for an undisclosed amount. The technology should help LinkedIn get a handle on the rich stream of content being created by its members. Read More
According to the chief executive officer of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner said “We’re actively investing in solutions that help deliver valuable professional insights to LinkedIn members. The addition of mSpoke’s talented team of technologists make it an even more compelling opportunity for LinkedIn.”

About mspoke:

mSpoke is based in Pittsburgh and was founded by chief executive officer Sean Ammirati, chairman of the board Dave Mawhinney and chief technology officer Dean Thompson. The company was also co-founded by seed investor and board member Ed Engler. The mSpoke team has deep ties with Carnegie Mellon University, a recognized world leader in advanced computer science technologies.

“As we spent time with the LinkedIn team, we were struck by how similar our visions are,” said Dean Thompson, one of mSpoke’s three co-founders. “Both LinkedIn and mSpoke are passionate about generating relevancy from the rich stream of content being created by our members. We’re looking forward to joining the team and helping provide useful recommendations that help professionals tackle problems quickly and more efficiently.”