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The social network Facebook announced it has abandoned a lighter version of its site after running for just seven months. It is without much explanation that the networking giant announced on its fan page that the company had decided to no longer support this version of Facebook.

Facebook Lite was launched in order to please those who hate the crowded pages of content, and access to internet limited by low bandwidth, particularly in developing countries.

Facebook Lite, similar in its use of the Facebook from a mobile phone, was “a simplified version to download fast, Facebook, allowing among other users to post comments, accept new friends or view photos. Read More
Facebook Lite was first tested in India and other countries.

Twitter has confirmed last week that it has grown exponentially in recent years, claiming 100 million users and 300,000 new registrants per day.

Facebook, meanwhile, boasts more than 400 million users.

“It would seem not enough people were using it but then there was not a lot of awareness about the product. Tears will not be shed over the loss of Facebook Lite,” Nick O’Neil of AllFacebook.com added.

“We do not offer more but we learned a lot by testing a streamlined site, argued the direction of Facebook in a message on his website. “If you use the site + + Lite, you will now be redirected to the main site Facebook.com.