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LinkedIn is now so popular in the career world for recruiters to search out potential candidates and for job seekers to create right job connections. The site gives a chance to people to create online resume and minimal portfolio. This could be referred to as “personal branding” and what better place is there to brand you professionally than at LinkedIn. Here are some tips and tricks to have your LinkedIn Profile stand out:

a) Profile Photo

Your Profile photo has to be professional after all this is a professional platform.No selfies, and absolutely no funny faces, keep those on other social media accounts because that will quickly remove you from the recruiter’s candidate list. First impression matters and it starts with your look.

Pointers when taking this photo;
⦁ No one else should be in this photo but you
⦁ Let it be taken by somebody else otherwise it will be a selfies
⦁ Wear a professional attire
⦁ Have a solid background and smile

b) Headline
This is important because it is like your sign post. It should be brief but captivating enough for a recruiter to want to know more about the person behind the headline. It should be unique not automatically filled in based on your experience so edit your headline and tell your reader who you are and what you are an expert in like “Operations Executive”.

c) Customize your URL
Customizing your URL allows you to reference your LinkedIn page easily in your resume or on business cards and other documents but many people aren’t aware.
The URL should just include your first and last name with no spaces or special characters for example, www.linkedin.com/in/firstlastname.

d) Outstanding Summary
It should be brief, yet comprehensive enough to give the reader an overview of your career thus far and situated under the heading of your profile, and should not be more than two paragraphs basically introducing yourself, your work, responsibilities and your achievements.

⦁ Use examples to show your value to potential clients and future employers.
⦁ Highlight your key accomplishments.
⦁ Explain what you are looking for while making connections on LinkedIn like “contact me if I can be of assistance to you”
⦁ Tell your story in the first person as in I, my and mine to make your easy to read.

e) Relevant Skills

This section is very easy to use because it populates suggestions as you are typing and allows you to click on these for a quick listing.
It’s very easy to get your contacts to endorse you for your strengths. If you start endorsing people for certain skills relevant to them, you may find they return the favor without having to ask.

g)  Recommendations
It is important that these recommendations come from colleagues (or ex colleagues) that held a more senior role than you. Your contacts give you a reference which ultimately backs up any job you have ever had and a statement about yourself
There you have it, Tips and tricks so start editing and have an outstanding LinkedIn Profile. Good Luck!