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Hey Facebook lovers or should I say facebook messenger lovers (what difference does it make anyway?), lots of tips and tricks have been introduced since 2016 started all for the good will for humanity. Some of you have discovered these tips and tricks of facebook messenger while others….mmhhhm not so much because youre completely unware of them.
But no worries, I’ll introduce a few of them to you that you might love or not afterall its take it or leave it;
We have all been told by facebook users or account page once or before how money is not collected over facebook. But what if you have your business and you could have your clients or you could make your payments for anything via facebook?


1. First tip and trick Send money to your friends via Messenger!

Imagine just like mobile money, your favorite social site has got you moving to another level in monetary terms.
Imagine a monetary gift for your birthday or maybe pay your ticket to your favorite shows….you name it.
Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the United States, but no worries because with this wave of technology it will soon be available to you.

2. Comforting your best bud has never been better.
Just type in the message box ‘@DailyCute’ to cheer up your pal by putting a smile on their faces despite a hard day. That is tip and trick number one.

3. Are you and your friend a chess lover?
Well here is something for you; always challenge him or her to a game of chess. Just type “@FBChess”. The recipient will receive a message requesting them to make the first move! But with every new venture there is always a new move you have to make and with this game of chess you can’t just drag the pieces to where you want them, instead you have to use specific codes (which you’ll eventually get used to). To learn how, simply type “@FBchess help” within a chat. You'll be check-mating your friends in no time!

4. Not only should you keep your facebook friends, you have a life outside facebook and friends outside facebook that you should keep. So do not let the pop pop sounds from facebook messenger distract you from a good conversation with your friend across the table. Facebook messenger got you covered with similar function to WhatsApp and allows you to mute notifications for a specific amount of time!

5. You could make your emoji bigger by simply press and hold the emoji and watch it expand so do not have to press press press many of them to emphasize but put across a huge one

6. Music is a mutual language we all can easily share despite difference so why don’t you touch somebody with it. There’s a hidden Facebook Messenger feature that integrates your chat with your Spotify account. You can now share your Spotify music such as songs, albums and your best playlists. Please note that your friend will not be able to play what is sent to them from within the chat – they will be sent a link that will open in Spotify- but it's the thought the counts right?

7. Work without play….. well we all know how that is completed. So take a break from all that messengering and play a little slam dunk. If you’ve ever played Paper Toss for smartphones, it works on a very similar basis. Simply flick your finger upwards to throw the ball into the hoop. You can even play against your friends!