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instagram Ofrecent Instagram announced two major features that will help users connect to the world and see events as they happen.
The all-new Explore page, with trending Tags and Places, and more powerful search that makes it easier to find the people, places, and tags you’re looking for.

Instagram says with over 70 million photos and videos posted to Instagram every day, wherever something is happening, chances are you can see it here. Whether it’s behind the scenes or frontpage, large or small you will easily find those moments.

Pipe, a peer-to-peer file-sharing app for Facebook along the lines of Dropbox, is set to launch for the public at large Wednesday, creating a simple way for people on the massive social network to share big files that, thus far, Facebook itself hasn't provided.

The Pipe app allows users to simply drag and drop a file for a friend to receive it directly.

"We've worked really hard to make Pipe this simple," Simon Hossell, founder and chief executive of Pipe, said in a statement. "We've made the technology invisible."

The company took its time in beta, laboring since May 2012 with a smaller cohort of users, to work out bugs and raise funds.

Facebook acquired Parse at $85 million in a stock and cash transaction to boost it's mobile platiform that it has just launched. Parse is a popular suite of tools for mobile and web app developers.
This gives Facebook developers a framework that will let them more tightly integrate their apps with the Facebook platform. It will also let them create an app that works the same on other mobile platforms as it does on Facebook.

Facebook today 15th/Jan/2013, unveiled its new feature that allows users to make "natural" searches of content shared by their friends.
The search allows you to find answers to your social questions like "How many people like in town X jazz music or own an Ipad".

The social graph ( the collective pool of information shared between friends that are connected via the site) will include things such as photos, status updates, location data as well as the things they have "liked".

According to Mr Zuckerberg, the search is not intended to compete with google neither index  the web   but to help you find what you want in the site.

"We look at Facebook as a big social database," said Mr Zuckerberg, adding that social search was Facebook's "third pillar" and stood beside the news feed and timeline as the foundational elements of the social network.

Mr Zuckerberg said that graph search would launch immediately as a beta test, and would roll out "very slowly". The tool will be usable from the blue banner that sits at the top of every Facebook page.

The Social networking giant Facebook is testing out a new, slimmer Timeline layout featuring a single column of posts instead of the current double column. The test layout keeps the boxes that highlight friends and activities to the right.

According to the company spokesperson, the new design Facebook is testing with a small percentage of people to make navigating timeline even easier

The right hand column keeps the existing boxes such as "Recent Activity," "Friends," "Photos" and "Likes," as well as any app activity displayed by users.

But with the new design, the boxes are a smaller size than posts, the report said
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Below those boxes, the test design features only whitespace where the current design would display more posts, it added.
This newer version will load faster and give more info on one page.