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Top up safebode credit for free

Safe boda formally used to accept top ups only via mobile money and a certain fee would charged by the mobile money telecom operators.

Today MTN Uganda officially announced through their Facebook page that they have reduced on the withdraw charges as long as you are withdrawing from MTN MoMo agents.

new mobile money prices

On Sunday,28th Oct 2018 IBM spent $34 billion to buy a software company that gives away its primary product for free.

Red Hat best known for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. Red Hat is an open source software company that gives away the source code for its core products. That means anyone can download them for free. And many do. Oracle even uses Red Hat’s source code for its own Oracle Linux product.

BBC has 'solved' the lag between live streams and TV

BBC Research & Development department has finally solved the problem of delays you experience when watching a movie online or a football match. If you’ve ever watched a live event over the Internet near to someone who’s watching the same thing on traditional broadcast television, you’ll know that the Internet version is often many seconds behind.

There are many factors that contribute to the delay or ‘latency’ that you experience when watching a live stream over the internet.  Some of this latency helps give you a reliable stream that will play without interruption despite competing with other traffic on the network. But there are also other causes of delay that we can reduce.

A computer mouse is a hand-held pointing device. Basically it does all the pointing clicking and dragging on your monitor. This involves the hand of a user to move back and forth or sideways when using a standard mouse. 

With all this simple movements, you are twisting your arm inward to make your hand flat; tightening the joint space of your two forearm bones, which is unnatural and, eventually, causes wrist pain and shoulder tightness.