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Of recent as I was doing my normal surfing spree, happened to check out the CNN website…yes the NEW CNN.COM. Whoever is behind this master piece of cnn.com is really a genius who knows what it takes to have a beautiful, eye catching and user friendly website.

Read More The header of this site is a really eye opener with very attractive reddish color, a CNN logo with earth globe in the center that makes you love to read the news and not wish to leave this spectacular view. This site gets my 100% in:-
-    Website organization
-    Color pick and mixture.
-    Nice graphics.
-    User friendly.

With the new website you can easily locate what you want to read easily and faster unlike the old website which was kind of boring, poorly organized and had to much of white. However this new one!! Is state of art for web lovers?

Well looks like CNN is not the only website redesigned, MSN.COM also got a small twist in its content organization.