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Kenyan government is making frantic effort to construct a software program which is aimed at creating employment in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, a top government official has said.

The Kenya is regarded as one of the fastest growing Information Technology (IT) and ICT nations in the African continent after South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt respectively. Read More Bitange Ndemo, permanent secretary in the ministry of information and communications for Kenya, said the East African nation had since identified software development, which has a potential of sourcing income for the country as well as creating jobs.

The software development, according to Ndemo, would help Kenya’s ICT industry grow fast as well as providing employment and generation of revenue.

Ndemo said Kenya’s ICT sector- under government drive recorded a whopping Sh500 million (about US$30.500) last year, which would be channeled towards setting up of incubation centre for nurturing budding developers.

Kenya is seeing increased growth in companies seeking different software solutions for their businesses, such as skills promotion and service delivery.
Source: IT News Africa