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Makerere University Main BuildingMakerere University uganda's leading university and Uganda telecom (utl) have signed a memorandum of understanding that is meant to equip the university's study centres with a range of communication services. 
The communication services are to enable students in upcountry centres access the same education services as those at the main campus. Uganda telecom will provide all the infrastructure and technical support needed to run all the upcountry learning centres.

"The centres will be connected to the main campus and access services as if they were in Makerere. We are going to help establish video conferencing facilities so that students in upcountry learning centres can attend the same lectures," Mr. Emmy Olaki, the Uganda Telecom marketing communications officer told East African Business Week.

The partnership is envisaged to bring down the operational costs of students since students from upcountry locations who wish to study from their centres will spend less on food and accommodation. 

Under the partnership, Uganda Telecom will procure, supply and maintain computers and associated accessories according to the specifications provided by the university. Uganda telecom will initially buy 100 computers and 100 uninterrupted power suppliers in the first year of the partnership.

On the university's part, they will procure Internet bandwidth and lease lines from the communication provider at a rate to be agreed on for the duration of the partnership.

The project will start with two centres in Uganda. One centre will be in Jinja, east of the capital, Kampala, and the other in Fort Portal in western Uganda. 
Olaki said Uganda Telecom plan to open up ten centres in the next one year depending on the demand. Source: Business Week