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Kampala Maps Google has extended its Earth Outreach Programme, which partly helps increase the visibility of tourist and cultural sites of countries to millions of people across the globe, to Uganda.

The programme, which is largely coordinated via the internet with input from thousands of volunteers, will exploit interactive media tools like; Google Maps, Map Maker, Google Earth Pro and SketchUp, to promote the co-existence of people and wildlife to the benefit the tourism industry in Uganda.
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Ms Rebecca Moore, the manager Google Earth Outreach - who launched the programme and services at in Kampala on Monday, told Daily Monitor that the interactive tools will be used by communities in Uganda to market their culture in the world. She said some of the tools enable people share pictures, routes, videos and stories about places, through the Google Earth interface.

“This makes it possible for people to observe, record, and post what’s happening in their societies and it is also a chance to tell first hand stories about themselves to the rest of the world,” she said. “Google Geo tools enable people to be virtual tourists, go to a country and see heritage sites, famous architectural monuments and learn about the place, get excited about it and decide visit.”

via:The Monitor