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I can’t wait to have a 10MB link in my house, be able to download 1GB file in 10mins, be able to call my sister in USA without a buffering signal.
I can’t wait to watch some of my favorite movie series like 24, Boston legal online with an HD quality online.
Just imagine with this marine cable you will be able to access your favorite sites that you know are really heavy and so annoying to download that you actually have to keep your self busy by either making a cup of coffee or take a bath for it/them to fully display. Sites like Youtube, omg, cnn, bbc will be accessed in less than a second.

Read More Its true Africa is born again from the slow speeds. This has been made possible by 3 companies who have or still installing a marine cable across the Indian Ocean connecting East Africa to the rest of world through India.

First company; SEACOM launched its services in Africa on July 23, 2009.
It announced that its 1,28 Terabytes per second (Tb/s), 17,000 kilometers, submarine fiber optic cable system linking south and east Africa to global networks via India and Europe has been completed and commissioned.
The backhauls linking Johannesburg, Nairobi and Kampala with the coastal landing stations were established.
SEACOM assured unprecedented opportunities, at a fraction of the current cost (did you hear that? A fraction of today’s cost), as government, business leaders and citizens will be able to compete globally through a network as the platform to drive economic growth and enhance the quality of life across the continent.

Second company; EASSY (Eastern African Submarine cable System) is also in its final stages of completing the delivery of its marine cable to Africa. This project is funded by Eastern Telecom companies, governments and countries like South Africa , Mozambique , Madagascar , Tanzania , Kenya , Uganda , Burundi , Rwanda , Botswana , Somalia , Sudan , Mauritius , Zambia , Comoros Islands and Djibouti are driving the project. We hope to have it fully up and running in less than 10 months (almost mid 2010).

Third company, TEAMs (The East African Marine System) this was spearheaded by the government of Kenya to link the country to the rest of the world through a submarine fiber optic cable. This of course came as result of Kenya thinking South Africa wanted to control the EASSY link. So far the 1st phase has been completed as according to E-marine. This cable will be connecting East Africa to the rest of the world through U.A.E and the estimated deployment is 4900km.

By end of 2010, Africa will have over 100GB of bandwidth and that means we shall be in position to own at least 1mb in our offices, homes and again we will be that competitive when it comes to the online business. Let us all keep our fingers crossed because the best is yet to come.