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Cranberry DiamonDiscPhew!! Atlast we have got a solution to long lasting data backup. A disc that is to make us keep all the memories for even our great great kids.
A new 1,000 year DVD made of high tech, diamond-hard stone promises to preserve irreplaceable digital files for the ages.

The DVD was designed by a team of talented scientists to store digital photos, movies, music, documents, and ledgers for 1,000 years or more. By the way you can get this at less than $40 dollars.
Read More Unlike conventional recordable DVDs and CDs, the Cranberry DiamonDisc has no adhesive layers, dye layer or reflective layer to deteriorate - thereby avoiding the "data rot" that quickly corrodes all recordable DVDs. The transparent Cranberry DiamonDisc can withstand prolonged temperatures extending up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit as well as UV rays that would destroy conventional DVD disks. The Cranberry DiamonDisc is playable on most regular DVD drives today and will last as far into the future as we can imagine
Unfortunately, each disc holds just 4.7GB of information.