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Microsoft has published its latest financial results, covering the first quarter of its 2016 fiscal year (Q1 FY2016), which runs from July 1 to June 30. The previous quarter's results were heavily impacted by a $7.6 billion write-down - booked as an "impairment charge" related to its acquisition of Nokia's devices and services business.
Today, Microsoft reported a net income of $4.6bn GAAP ($5.4bn non-GAAP) for the quarter on $20.4bn GAAP ($21.6bn non-GAAP) of revenue.
Those figures compare with just over $4.5bn GAAP ($5.5bn non-GAAP) of net income and $23.2bn GAAP/non-GAAP of revenue in the same quarter one year ago.
Here are a few other highlights from today's results:
  • Phone revenue "down 54% in constant currency reflecting our updated strategy"
  • Surface revenue down from $908m to $672m year-over-year
  • Windows OEM revenue fell by 6%
  • Xbox Live monthly active users up by 28% to 39m
  • Search revenue (excluding traffic acquisition costs) up 29% in constant currency
  • Office commercial products and cloud services up 5% in constant currency
  • Office 365 consumer subscribers increased to 18.2m, up around 3m
  • Dynamics revenue up 12% in constant currency
  • Azure revenue and compute usage "more than doubled year-over-year"
  • Server products and cloud services up 13% in constant currency
Source: Neowin