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lenovo razer

Lenovo, one of the world's largest PC vendors, announced today that it will collaborate with the gaming company Razer to produce special Razer Editions of Lenovo's Y Series of peripherals and PCs for Windows 10 gamers.
The recent announcement was accompanied by a Razer Edition gaming desktop PC prototype, as seen in the image posted below, that is projected for launch at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016.
The appearance of the prototype is similar to Lenovo's traditional Y Series casing—which can be seen as part of PCs such as the Ideacenter Y900—but it also includes Razer's elaborate and unique Chroma lighting effects. All peripherals and systems produced under the new partnership between Lenovo and Razer will combine the various visual elements that are traditionally associated with the two companies.
As a result of the recently announced collaboration, both Lenovo and Razer also intend to "fast track the development of new technologies, including gaming experience enhancements," which indicates that consumers may see more than just new gaming peripherals and PCs from the two companies.
While it is not known if Lenovo's partnership with Razer will be a success, it may help to increase consumer awareness and appreciation of Lenovo's gaming products, and both companies expect that it will enable them to "explore potential cross-selling opportunities in the near future."
Source: Neowin