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Apple has a new production lab in Taiwan where it's working on new advanced display technologies, Bloomberg reports. At least fifty people are said to be working at the Longtan building, previously used by Qualcomm for its Mirasol efforts, and are developing thinner, brighter, and more efficient LCD screens. Apple has reportedly hired local staff from Qualcomm and Taiwanese display maker AU Optronics.

Apple also wants to move to OLED display technology, according to the report; the Apple Watch is Apple's first product to feature an OLED screen, with the rest of the company's product line using LCD at this point. Last month Nikkei reported that LG is ramping up OLED production capacity in anticipation of the 2018 iPhone model, while Nikkan Kogyo recently claimed that Japan Display has similar intentions. OLED screens, which don't require a backlight, can be thinner than LCDs and are more easily curved.



Source: TheVerge