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windows 10 store

Microsoft has had a huge year thus far with the release of WIndows 10. While the number of installations has without a doubt grown since we last checked, Microsoft has also announced a new milestone that saw a staggering 2.5 billion visits to its Windows Store.

While the above number certainly does not translate to purchases, it is still a staggering amount of people that have visited the store. In fact, Microsoft states that on Black Friday, 75% of of the customers that visited the store made their first purchase. The number likely coincides with Microsoft's "10 Days of 10 Cent Deals" promotion that offered apps, music, games and movies priced at just 10 cents.

As more users adopt Windows 10, it can be only a matter of time before Microsoft smashes another milestone. This could come sooner rather than later, as Microsoft has recently increased the pressure for users to upgrade with their recent changes.


Source: Neowin