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The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) was announced by Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, Cisco, General Electric, Electrolux, and other partners that were involved in an effort to further industry standards for the Internet of Things (IoT).

As IoT stands at the current time, there are a variety of open standards and proprietary technologies that connect Things. This creates an environment of fragmentation.

The Internet of Things is a major driving force in creative labs around the world. At CES last month, Samsung unveiled an eclectic mix of products, from smart fridges to giant video walls and beyond, and at the upcoming Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, a Samsung spin-off company is debuting smart shoes.

Microsoft promises that they are designing Windows 10 to be the ideal platform for IoT and for Azure IoT to be the best companion for Things. They also plan to release APIs that will allow developers to easily integrate their applications with OCF compatible devices.


Source: Windows Blog