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PowerBulb is the world's first LED light bulb with dual USB ports that turns any lamp into a charging station. Companies around the world have continuously innovated the smart way people can have SMART HOMES and yet with simple gadgets to complement in their lives. Here comes a PowerBulb from Mega Tiny Corp.
The world's first LED lightbulb that integrates USB charging anywhere in the home, office or hotel. With PowerBulb, gone are the days of petty anger, trivial annoyance and senseless frustration by not having easy access to a charging source. PowerBulb harnesses the power of the lightbulb to charge your mobile devices. Simply place PowerBulb into a lamp, turn on the lamp, attach a USB charging cable, and then connect the devices you are looking to charge!

The brainchild of Mega Tiny Corp, the PowerBulb carries the proud distinction of being the world’s first LED lightbulb which will integrate USB charging regardless of where you are. Truly living out the plug-and-play motto, the PowerBulb will provide you with easy access to a charging source. All that you need to do is to install the PowerBulb into a lamp, turn on the lamp, and voila! You’re good to go — just attach the corresponding USB charging cable to your power hungry mobile device, and you can start charging it immediately.

Jeff Wilcox, Head of Product Development, said: "We saw an obvious problem that almost everyone faces - how to get easily accessible charging ports anywhere in our home without a big mess of cables and the hassle of locating an outlet that's never in a convenient place. Our bright idea was tapping into the light bulb!

PowerBulb is actually MegaSmart. Using its MegaSmart™ charging technology, it intuitively sends more power to the device with a lower charge. Once charged evenly, both devices will receive the same amount of power as would be received from a wall charger.

PowerBulb Specifications:

  • 50,000 hour LED life (more than 5 years of non-stop use)
  • Height 14.9cm
  • Width of 7cm, at its widest point
  • Weighs 272 grams or 0.6lbs.
  • Features a 2700k warm light and 608 lumens
  • The smart-charging USB ports are 21W and 2.4a each
  • Works with all E26 and E27 sockets

The powerbulb will be sold at only $29. Go get yours now.