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A computer mouse is a hand-held pointing device. Basically it does all the pointing clicking and dragging on your monitor. This involves the hand of a user to move back and forth or sideways when using a standard mouse. 

With all this simple movements, you are twisting your arm inward to make your hand flat; tightening the joint space of your two forearm bones, which is unnatural and, eventually, causes wrist pain and shoulder tightness.


In consideration to these effects, the technology solution is; a Vertical Mouse. Your hand is now in a more natural position all day, like you’re shaking hands. Movements of the Vertical mouse, sometimes called a handshake mouse, are encouraged from the elbow which takes all the performance anxiety away from your wrist.

 Using a Vertical Mouse

  Adjusting takes about five minutes to one hour. Thumb is relaxed on the thumb support and mouse moved with a pivot motion from the elbow without bending the wrist.
The Vertical or handshake mouse involves two types; the wired and wireless. The wireless require a usb dongle plugged into your computer instead of using Bluetooth which work across windows and Mac computers.

Examples include;

  1. Comfi II
  2. Shark
  3. Wow Pen Joy II
  4. Kinesis DXT 2
  5. Evoluent (for Mac)
  6. Penguin
  7. Contour Unimouse (Angles and thumb position can be adjusted)
  8. Perixx

Vertical mouse benefits

  • Improved shoulder position and wrist health.
  • Light and easy to slide across the work desk.
  • Has a provision of wired and wireless

Vertical mouse are here for our shoulders and wrists and you might fall in love with one of these things even if you don’t have any pain because they are just ergonomic.
So the next time you feel that wrist or shoulder pain building , think Vertical or Hand shake mouse. Comfort for your wrist and shoulder while on your work desk.