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Top up safebode credit for free

Safe boda formally used to accept top ups only via mobile money and a certain fee would charged by the mobile money telecom operators.


The Safe boda Cashless is a new wallet that was developed by Safe boda in 2017 to make payments for rides easy, in other words one does not have to travel with hard cash to pay after their ride. Another important aspect when using safe boda cashless is that it comes with a discount, so customers will be able to enjoy reduced prices on their trips other than when they opt the hard cash option as a mode of payment.

Other great news is that you no longer have to pay the extra mobile money charges if you top up your safe boda cashless account with any safe boda rider. You also don’t have to worry about looking for a mobile money kiosk to top up your safe boda cashless account.

The process of topping up with a safe boda rider is so easy, just look for riders with ‘Top Up With Me‘ on their helmets.

All you have to do is to inform the safe boda rider that you would like to top up your account, then exchange the hard cash for cashless credit.

Cashless credit can also be used to purchase airtime or you can share it to your friends and family.