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 skype for business

Microsoft had a lot to share about the consumer version of Skype on the first day of Build 2016 - such as its integration with Cortana and the Bot Framework - which would allow users to get the most out of the messaging platform without leaving conversations. Today, the company's focus was shifted to its business users, who will be treated to updated SDKs that support great integration opportunities.

At last year's Build conference, Microsoft launched the Skype for Business and Skype Web SDKs to open up the platform to new ideas and implementations. Now, the company has announced updates to these kits which will facilitate direct integration of Skype calls in various applications.

apple pay

Apple Pay is finally ready to move beyond apps.

Apple has been telling potential partners that its payment service, which lets shoppers complete a purchase on mobile apps with their fingerprint rather than by entering credit card details, is expanding to websites later this year, multiple sources told Re/code.

The service will be available to shoppers using the Safari browser on models of iPhones and iPads that possess Apple’s TouchID fingerprint technology, these people said. Apple has also considered making the service available on Apple laptops and desktops, too, though it’s not clear if the company will launch that capability.

tay ai

You'll probably already be familiar with Cortana, Microsoft's digital 'personal assistant', who stands ready to help you with various tasks on Windows, Android and iOS devices. If you've ever spoken with Cortana, you'll be aware of the limitations of the assistant's conversational abilities - but Microsoft has created a new artificial intelligence that you can talk with right now on Twitter.

She won't be able to help with you setting reminders or booking an Uber, but she really wants to chat, about anything and everything.

google identity chart

Google Apps for Work has added new connections to its identity service integration with Microsoft Office 365, Facebook at Work, Slack and Box as well as others.

The company said last year that it would offer preconfigured support under the SAML 2.0 standard. With the move, Google became an identity provider and a front-end to other applications and became of a competitor to services like Okta.

wikipedia logo

Back in 2001, Wikipedia was launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger as a free, Internet encyclopedia for the masses. Over the following 15 years, Wikipedia has grown in popularity to become one of the ten most popular websites with some 38 million articles available in over 290 languages.

Despite amassing a formidable amount of reference content, there has still been a hurdle for those with visual impairments, illiteracy, or learning disabilities.