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project loon logo

Google's Project Loon - an initiative to connect the entire world to the internet using airborne balloons - is now facing one of its biggest hurdles to date. Various governmental bodies in India are trying to derail a meeting this week between Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by throwing up technical and security-related issues.

apple ios9

Apple has a new production lab in Taiwan where it's working on new advanced display technologies, Bloomberg reports. At least fifty people are said to be working at the Longtan building, previously used by Qualcomm for its Mirasol efforts, and are developing thinner, brighter, and more efficient LCD screens. Apple has reportedly hired local staff from Qualcomm and Taiwanese display maker AU Optronics.


If you are a OneDrive user who has 10GB of free cloud storage space that was labeled as a "Loyalty Bonus", you can rest easy. Microsoft has confirmed that bonus won't go away when it cuts down its free storage to 5GB for new users sometime in early 2016.

Back when Microsoft called the OneDrive service SkyDrive, it gave people 25GB of free space. It then cut down that space to 7GB but allowed people who signed up beforehand to keep their 25GB of space. Later, when Microsoft increased that free space to 15GB of storage, the people who had the old 25GB of space got to keep it, except that it split that amount between the free 15GB and a extra 10GB of space labeled as a "Loyalty Bonus".

Magic Leap Augmented Reality

Secretive Florida-based startup Magic Leap is in the process of expanding its war chest to the tune of $827 million in additional funding, according to documents filed in Delaware today and obtained by private market researcher VC Experts. If successful, Magic Leap's total funding would soar close to $1.4 billion after its initial cash injection of $542 million in a Google-led investment round last fall. Magic Leap has yet to show off any prototypes of its product to the public save to a select few reporters. The device is said to be a type of glasses that can project realistic virtual images in front of the wearer's eyes and intelligently blend the objects with the real world.

google wifi1Google has launched its first wi-fi network in Uganda's capital Kampala, as part of a project to broaden access to affordable high-speed internet.
The company is making the broadband wireless network available to local internet providers, who will then charge customers for access.
The web giant says the network is now live in 120 key locations in Kampala.