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Facebook Inc.  on Wednesday reported an 11% increase in third-quarter earnings as advertisers directed more of their spending to the social network.
Revenue rose a more-than-expected 41% to $4.5 billion, from $3.2 billion in the same period a year earlier.
Total costs and expenses increased even faster, 68%, reflecting Facebook’s heavy spending on a range of projects, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality and bringing Internet access to emerging markets.

google doubleclick ads billboard

Google has taken its DoubleClick online advertising from the internet to the streets of London. The company started testing the technology, which automatically chooses and provides ads on millions of websites, on billboards at multiple locations in the English capital. The DoubleClick technology uses data collected in real-time — including weather, audience, travel information, and local events — to select which ads to run, when they should be shown, and which billboards to play them on. The billboards, which started showing the DoubleClick ads in October, are placed in some of London's most highly trafficked areas, including Waterloo Station and Euston Road.


Today, Microsoft announced that they would be making some changes to OneDrive by discontinuing unlimited storage and also reducing free storage capacity from 15GB to 5GB for all users.
The changes arrive due to Microsoft discovering that some users were abusing the online storage service. Microsoft disclosed that in some extreme cases, users were storing in excess of 75TB (75,000GB) of data on a single account.

amazon iot launch 2

Amazon, as we know today, has launched a lot of products in its timeline. Some have been hit, some have been huge flops. The company has never shied away from experimentation.
Evolution is the only constant, one can infer by looking at Amazon’s products like Amazon Fire Phone, which may have been a failure ( Read: Was a failure), but one can definitely say Jeff Bezos has learned from it. The hits, though, have been many, but one of the most prominent ones is the Amazon Web Services, second to none, hosts a lot of web services we use daily.
Amazon is now stepping its game, and moving more towards inter-connected things, aka the Internet of Things.

 apple china

In its quarterly earnings call covering Q4 2015, Apple has announced significantly higher profits than expected, bolstered mostly by strong growth in China. Analysts had expected the tech giant to earn $1.88 per share on $51.11 billion in revenue, according to Thompson-Reuters, and instead they reported $1.96 per share on $51.5 billion in sales.