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google adwords

Back in April, Microsoft announced that they are renewing the search partnership with Yahoo. But they revealed some major changes in the new agreement between both these companies. Yahoo will to serve Bing ads and search results for a majority of its desktop search traffic and allowed Yahoo to monetize rest of the traffic using their own ad platform or sell it to Google. As expected, Yahoo today announced their agreement with Google.

smart contactlens
The contact lens of the future may do a lot more than just correct your vision.
Earlier this week, Google was awarded a patent for a solar-powered contact lens that is capable of communicating with computers and collecting biological data about the wearer.
The tech giant originally announced its smart contact lens project in 2014 and revealed that it was testing lenses that could measure glucose levels in tears using a tiny wireless chip and a tiny glucose sensor. But the new patent reveals new potential use cases for a smart contact lens.

HP Pavilion m6 1035dxWhen in public, hiding information currently on your display may be a big concern for many, but solutions to counter these nosey bypassers have yet to be commonly used. HP has announced that they are exploring technologies to restrict this type of behavior, by introducing ‘privacy displays’ in collaboration with 3M.
In the modern age, a large majority of our sensitive data is being stored digitally, therefore when accessing personal information, privacy can become a major concern. Currently, details are sparse on the matter, however, we have been assured that these displays will be introduced by mid-2016, natively with select HP laptops.
The company plans to rollout these screens as a standard feature of their devices, with the option to toggle the setting via a keyboard shortcut. This will bring instant switching between a standard display and an alterative with a smaller viewing cone. Current solutions, such as 3M's own privacy screen protectors can be tedious, and for those who collaborate with colleagues on a regular basis, the physical protector isn’t a viable option. It is likely we will see this technology in action over the coming months, and expansions to a wider range of platforms following.

The latest Windows 10 build from Microsoft, 10565, brings a bevvy of improvements to Microsoft Edge, Cortana and the UI in Windows 10. Along with those features, a particularly compelling feature that Microsoft is now beginning to test is nested virtualisation.
Nested virtualisation basically allows you to run a virtual build of Windows 10 inside a virtual machine running another version of Windows 10 that is hosted on your current Windows 10 installation. Simply put, it's like the Windows equivalent of nesting dolls.

toshiba dynapad

Cast your mind back to early September, and you may recall that Microsoft showed off a brief glimpse of a sleek and extremely stylish Toshiba tablet at the IFA trade show in Berlin. Today, Microsoft formally introduced that device to the world as the Toshiba dynaPad, a high-end Windows 10 tablet that promises a more 'natural' note-taking experience.

The new dynaPad has a 12-inch IPS LCD with WUXGA+ (1920x1280px) resolution, featuring dual-layer anti-reflection and an anti-fingerprint coating - very useful on a device that's designed around the digital ink experience, given that writing on a display often leaves smears from where your hand rests on the glass.