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TikTok adds security feature to warn you on spread of misinformation.

TikTok has introduced a new feature to fight the spread of misinformation on its platform.

The app will begin warning users before they share videos with unverified info. The update is meant to address a kind of gray area in the fact-checking process: claims that fact checkers are unable to verify.

Google Project Zero (GPZ) finds security flaw in GitHubGoogle's Project Zero in July found a security flaw in Microsoft's GitHub. The bug relates to GitHub Actions' workflow commands and is described as being high severity.
As the runner process parses every line printed to STDOUT looking for workflow commands, every GitHub action that prints untrusted content as part of its execution is vulnerable. In most cases, the ability to set arbitrary environment variables results in remote code execution as soon as another workflow is executed,"

It is inevitable that one of your social media accounts could be hacked. What do you do then?
Here are some few steps to establish as soon as you know that you are hacked.

Russia is spelled out as one of the countries with top hackers worldwide, it is no surprise when a young Russian was found bragging that he had managed to collect the usernames and passwords of hundreds of millions of email accounts on the “deep web” - which included accounts from the like of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo (although the majority come from the Russian server Mail.ru”). This is based on Reuters report (a news agency).

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A large percentage of the population are android OS based smart phone owners, well that is because its user friendly or is it just a trend. Well that’s for you to discover.

But have you ever wondered; which android lock screen method is the best? Never crossed your mind? Well it should be your concern amidst this fast paced technology wave because your smart phone some way somehow its part of you and it’s your life.

Patterns, PIN codes, passwords, fingerprints, voice sensors...of course you have made a choice of your favorite android lock screen method but is it SAFE? Let us discover the strong and weak points of each of these methods.