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Global IT security vendor Panda Security has launched a new cloud-based, SaaS (Security-as-a-Service) solution for corporates, Panda Cloud Internet Protection. This complete security service protects all business resources from Internet-borne threats, including botnets, phishing, cross-site scripting and other complex Web 2.0 attacks. It also offers P2P protection and browser vulnerability security.

  • •    Protects businesses from internet-based threats
  • •    Regulates access to websites, instant messaging and social networking sites
  • •    Keeps confidential information protected

Panda Cloud Internet Protection also includes a powerful access control feature, allowing businesses to filter URLs and regulate use of Web 2.0 applications (social networks, blogs, streaming, webmail and instant messaging). It leverages dynamic content classification technologies (DCCTM) to identify these applications. It also integrates with LDAP/AD for authentication. 

The new solution protects confidential information and ensures compliance with corporate security policies through a module that detects and seals off information leaks through HTTP/HTTPS (including webmail, instant messaging, file uploads, etc.).

“Panda Cloud Internet Protection boosts productivity and ensures a business can focus on revenue generation,” says Jeremy Matthews,head of Panda Security’s sub-Saharan operations. “This is because it provides a safe and business-oriented browsing experience for employees.”

Security from the cloud with real-time centralised management

Panda Cloud Internet Protection is managed through a web console that also offers real-time analysis and consolidated reports thanks to its NanoLog technology. This way, administrators can manage –from a single point– their entire network protection, including branch offices, remote and mobile users, as well as Web access from mobile devices connected to the corporate network.

No investment in software or hardware is required to install and deploy the solution, and implementation is launched through an extensive global network of servers to ensure reliability and optimum response times with latency of less than 15 microseconds.

Panda Cloud Internet Protection’s technology platform is designed to support multi-user SaaS architecture. Log and policy management is centralised, yet policies themselves are executed on processing gateways around the world. Each gateway can administer 250,000 transactions per second, that is, 50 to 100 times more than other proxy servers.