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DroidSecurity: Scans Android devices and apps, as well as Web sites you visit, for malware; blocks test-message spam; and offers tools for remotely locating, displaying messages on and wiping data from lost or stolen devices. A backup and restore service is in development. (Android only. Free basic version and $10 Pro app)

F-Secure: A suite of software that includes malware protection, a firewall, technology to keep you safe while browsing the Web, and tools for locating or wiping data off a lost or stolen phone.
(Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile; 40 EUR for one year.)

Kaspersky: Anti-malware, firewall, unwanted call and text-message blocking, anti-theft tools and a “privacy mode” that lets you hide designated contacts, calls and text messages.
(Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile; $30 for one year.)

Lookout: Anti-malware, backup and restore services and tools for remote lock and wipe, including the ability to make the phone “scream” and scare a thief. Privacy tools help you research apps you’re considering downloading and risks associated with the ones you have already.
(Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile; free basic version and $30-a-year paid product.)

Anti-malware, firewall, spam text-message blocking and remote lock and wipe tools.
(Android; free while in beta. Symbian and Windows Mobile; $30 a year)

Free anti-theft products:

Apple’s Find My iPhone: This feature of MobileMe is now available as a free app for iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2. It lets you display a message or play a sound on a lost phone and find the device on a map, set a PIN remotely or wipe all your content.

F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile:
Locate and lock your Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile phone, or wipe the data if it’s gone forever. If the thief changes the SIM card, this tool will send you his new number.

Microsoft’s Find My Phone: A free service for Windows Phone 7 that allows people to locate a missing phone by displaying a message, playing a sound or locating it on a map. You can also lock a phone with a PIN or erase the contents remotely.

R.I.M.’s BlackBerry Protect (in beta testing): Enables users to wirelessly backup, restore and locate their BlackBerry on a map or with a sound, as well as to remotely wipe or lock the device.

From: The New York Times