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kaspersky internet securityKaspersky is one of the top and most commonly used antiviruses but did you know that Kaspersky is far beyond being an antivirus.
Kaspersky Lab, the world’s largest independent security software company extends its product from the endpoint to your servers and gateways, and the unique integrated design approach means you can secure and control all your physical, virtual and mobile devices from a single central management console, whatever the size of your infrastructure.

Kaspersky boasts a comprehensive list of technologies, from encryption and mobile device management to patch management and license inventories. All work seamlessly together, supported by the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network, to give customers the world-class protection they need to combat ever more sophisticated and diverse cyber threats.

This means that with Kaspersky you can range from an antivirus to file storage, patch management, license management among so many others as you find out below in the article but first let’s get to know a little bit more of Kaspersky and its security platform

One console
Kaspersky products are designed so that, from one ‘single pane of glass’, the administrator can view and manage the entire security scene — virtual machines, physical and mobile devices alike.

One platform
The same programmers working from the same codebase have developed technologies that talk together and work together. The result is stability, integrated policies, useful reporting and intuitive tools thus one platform.

One cost
All Kaspersky products and tools are from one vendor, delivered in one installation — so you don’t have to go through a new budgeting and justification process every time to bring your security risks in line with your business objectives.

Kaspersky Lab delivered the industry’s first Security Platform, built from the ground up, making it easy for IT administrators to see, control and protect their world.
Kaspersky Lab avails its customers with a number of technologies which involve different solutionss for customers are Core, Select Advanced and Total. All these are subscribed for annually.

Kaspersky Lab offers its customers service to control their security from the base lab where by everything is monitored at the Security center.
As you can see from the table below, different solutions within the different technologies thus making the IT administrators work easy.

So next time you think about Kaspersky remember that there is a lot more than an antivirus in the Kaspersky lab products.
Next time you think of Kaspersky I bet you’ll think of more than it being an antivirus but a security platform with another wide range of solutions available to make your IT infrastructure easier.

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