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Turning the cloud on its head, Microsoft is testing data center prototypes that aren't metaphorically above, but rather literally below us in the ocean. According to Microsoft employees interviewed by the New York Times, 'Project Natick' could eventually address the growing energy appetite for the globe's ever-expanding cloud computing needs.

The servers inside data centers generate lots of heat, and the air conditioning required to cool them consumes lots of energy, driving up costs. Microsoft has over 100 data centers around the world, spending over $15 billion to build and maintain them, according to the report.

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Today Microsoft has published its financial results for the company’s Q2 of fiscal year 2016. These results cover the holiday season and the company's Windows 10 push. During Q2 Microsoft has earned $5.0 billion net income on 23.8 billion revenue ( GAAP values). Earnings per share were $0.62 with Microsoft also returning $6.5 billion to investors in the form of repurchases and dividends over this quarter.

Compared to previous quarters this represents a nearly 10% decrease in revenue with a 15% decrease in net income over the same period in FY 2015

When breaking down the figures between different Microsoft divisions and interesting and consistent image comes into focus. First up revenue in the "Productivity and Business Processes" declined 2%. This is the division that includes Office 365 and business-oriented tools like Dynamics CRM. Indeed the company does actually also focus on Office 365 specifically, highlighting the fact that it's revenue grew by 70% ( in constant currency) while also reaching 20.6 million subscribers.

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Apple has reported its latest financial results, for the first quarter of its 2016 fiscal year, which includes sales generated over the all-important holiday season.

At first glance, things seem to have gone pretty well for the company, as it booked a record $18.4 billion of net profit, on record quarterly revenues of $75.9 billion. But scratch beneath the surface of those big numbers, and things start to look a bit different.

Breaking down sales figures for its key product lines, Apple revealed that it sold 74.8 million iPhones in the three months ending December 26, 2015 - and any way you slice it, that's a huge number of handsets. But what's significant about that figure is that it represents almost no year-on-year growth for the iPhone line; during the same quarter in 2015, the company sold 74.5m units.

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On Thursday, IBM made its purchase of live video streaming site UStream official. The acquisition was first  reported earlier this week.

Financial terms of the acquisition weren't disclosed, but that earlier report from Fortune pegged the purchase price at around $130 million.

IBM claims that UStream gets 80 million users per month, and has paying corporate users including NASA, Samsung, and Facebook.

But this UStream acquisition is just a piece of a bigger picture, as announced by IBM today.

It turns out that UStream is going to form a big part of a new IBM Cloud Video Services business, as the company's cloud war with the $7 billion Amazon Web Services juggernaut continues.

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A lawyer who was given access to Google's financial records has revealed in a January 14th court case what was supposed to be a classified piece of information: Google's revenue amount and net profit for Android, which are as much as $31 billion and $22 billion respectively, Bloomberg reports.