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Dell is opening up its network operating system, one step toward a data-center OS that could help enterprises emulate cloud companies like Google and Facebook.

Operating System 10, rolling out in stages this year, changes the company's networking foundation from a closed Dell platform to open software based on an unmodified Linux kernel. It will let enterprises add third-party networking components and use common scripting languages to develop new network capabilities.

But beyond its usefulness in networking, OS10 could become a single OS for computing and storage, too. That idea has the potential to make it much easier for enterprises to work on all three parts of their infrastructure in one place using a devops approach.

Samsung Galaxy A9

A major consumer advocacy group in the Netherlands has filed a lawsuit against Samsung, accusing the company of having a "poor software update policy for Android smartphones", and alleging that "Samsung is therefore guilty of unfair trade practices".

Samsung was among the first to commit to rolling out Google's monthly OS security updates following the revelation of Android's massive Stagefright vulnerability - but these updates are delivered only to a subset of the company's newer devices, and not to every Galaxy phone and tablet currently in use.

The Consumentenbond cites a survey that it carried out, which it says shows that "82% of the Samsung phones examined had not been provided with the latest Android version in the two years after being introduced." Indeed, it's worth noting that Samsung isn't exactly known for delivering updates with any great sense of urgency, as its record with the newest major version of Android shows.

satya nadella

Microsoft announced today a new plan to donate $1 billion worth of cloud computing services to nonprofits, charities, and universities over the next three years, alongside a new plan to bring broadband to underserved areas.

The idea, explains Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a blog post, is to give access to the computing power afforded by public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure even to those nonprofits and charities who otherwise might not be able to afford it.

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Apple just sent out an email alerting customers that iTunes Radio, the company's answer to Pandora, will no longer be free as of January 28th. "All radio stations except for Beats 1 will be available exclusively to Apple Music members," the message reads. So listening to Zane Lowe and Apple's other hired DJs will still cost nothing. But if you want to hear radio stations based on an artist or genre of music you like, doing so will require a $10 / month subscription to Apple Music. Many Apple Music stations are curated by its "expect" music team, though user-generated stations are typically assembled by algorithms, similar to Pandora. The company is still offering a free three-month trial for new Apple Music customer, just as it's done since the premium service first debuted.

 HP Pavilion x2

PC shipments crashed in 2015’s holiday quarter, with sales dipping by more than ten percent worldwide compared to the same period in 2014. The year as a whole did not fare much better with overall shipments declining below 300 million units sold, a first since 2008, and figuring as the worst decline to the industry on record.

The launch of Windows 10 did little to stem the recent trend of decline that’s had the PC industry in its grip for the last few years. In fact, many would argue, the launch of Windows 10 was a direct contributor to the smaller volume of sales in 2015, with it being a free upgrade that could prolong a device’s life.

PCs also continued to face stiff competition from smart devices like phones and tablets, albeit this had a smaller effect than in previous years with those markets slowing down as well. However, IDC’s data, on which this report is based, does not count detachable tablets, or 2-in-1 devices, as regular PCs. If those numbers were to be added in the overall decline for 2015 would come in at -7.5%.