Ever watch Iron Man and think to yourself: “Hey, where’s my artificially intelligent digital assistant from the future?” It looks like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had that exact experience recently, as he just announced on Facebook that he’s looking to create his very own J.A.R.V.I.S.

According to a recent post, Mark Zuckerberg is challenging himself to create his very own digital assistant, almost from scratch. The young billionaire said this is part of his personal challenge for 2016, as he codes and teaches the software to recognize his voice, control his devices around the home and help him with his work. Zuckerberg also wants the AI to use face recognition to allow his friends in the house, for example.

windows 10 store

Microsoft has had a huge year thus far with the release of WIndows 10. While the number of installations has without a doubt grown since we last checked, Microsoft has also announced a new milestone that saw a staggering 2.5 billion visits to its Windows Store.

While the above number certainly does not translate to purchases, it is still a staggering amount of people that have visited the store. In fact, Microsoft states that on Black Friday, 75% of of the customers that visited the store made their first purchase. The number likely coincides with Microsoft's "10 Days of 10 Cent Deals" promotion that offered apps, music, games and movies priced at just 10 cents.

project loon logo

Google's Project Loon - an initiative to connect the entire world to the internet using airborne balloons - is now facing one of its biggest hurdles to date. Various governmental bodies in India are trying to derail a meeting this week between Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by throwing up technical and security-related issues.

apple ios9

Apple has a new production lab in Taiwan where it's working on new advanced display technologies, Bloomberg reports. At least fifty people are said to be working at the Longtan building, previously used by Qualcomm for its Mirasol efforts, and are developing thinner, brighter, and more efficient LCD screens. Apple has reportedly hired local staff from Qualcomm and Taiwanese display maker AU Optronics.


If you are a OneDrive user who has 10GB of free cloud storage space that was labeled as a "Loyalty Bonus", you can rest easy. Microsoft has confirmed that bonus won't go away when it cuts down its free storage to 5GB for new users sometime in early 2016.

Back when Microsoft called the OneDrive service SkyDrive, it gave people 25GB of free space. It then cut down that space to 7GB but allowed people who signed up beforehand to keep their 25GB of space. Later, when Microsoft increased that free space to 15GB of storage, the people who had the old 25GB of space got to keep it, except that it split that amount between the free 15GB and a extra 10GB of space labeled as a "Loyalty Bonus".