Think outside the box. (why not your own business?)

16th Aug 2010 | category: story | Hits: 664 Think outside the box. (why not your own business?)

For several years I worked for a recruitment agency I carried out so many interviews I was amazed how Ugandans think that the only way to make it in life is to get a job some of these guys were really good in their profession but our job market can’t satisfy everyone.

I don’t know if I should blame the universities for all the crap they fill us with. Or our three years university education culture of course works and exam most of us just set our eyes on looking for a job not trying to think outside the box.

During the interviews I usually asked’ why nt find something u’re really good at and give it a try and get off the streets of Kampala.
Most excuses i got were I don’t have experience honestly some of the richest guys in the world never worked for anyone and others were school dropout they just had an idea and went after it. Lets take a look at the big names in ict e.g. bill gates the founder of Microsoft maker of windows operating systems I think we all have used it one way or the other.

This gentleman dropped out of Harvard University him and a group of three friends started up one of the most expensive brand in our times. if you’re not satisfied with that take a look at Larry Page and Sergey Brin these two guys founded Google from their campus room. My point is, let us look beyond our traditional way of life of attending campus and then hit the streets of anywhere you’re as human beings. We’re capable of anything we just have to think and stop the disease of self pity it doesn’t take us anywhere.

For all the IT job seekers out there all the time you spent in campus you were good at something, either networking, computer repair or programming. it doesn’t matter just become good in what you know. You really don’t need experience to do something in these times of Google, bing. I mean't search engines
There’s a friend of mine who changed careers from being a network administrator to a programmer not that he had to go back to school to learn! he just sat down and made use of the internet. Most people take internet for granted or fan mostly it’s for chating or socialising but there’s more to it. He has started up an internet add-on service company and I can assure you its one of the fastest growing web/online companies here in Uganda.

We write so many job applications and waste a lot of money searching for jobs forgetting that if we stopped and really looked deep inside us we’re actually employed. I won’t deny it feels good to be employed but there’s no greater joy to stand one foot behind and overlook at something you created.
Just remember we’re all capable of anything we need to dream and focus when you fail just raise up and try again.