Asus All-in-One PC ET2400

16th May 2011 | category: Computer & Printers | Hits: 2741 Asus All-in-One PC ET2400

The Asus All-in-One is one to have.Its a desktop with a large touch sensitive screen that only comes with the screen a wireless mouse and keyboard its chassis black and glossy which will blend to any room decor.

The Asus system can easily substitute for a meduim-sized HDTV with its 23.6 inch 1080p full HD 16:9 display.The pair of inputs-one VGA,one HDMI.The VGA port is useful in keeping the monitor alive evenafter the ET2400'S internal PC is obsolote and the screen is hooked up or being used by another PC.

The HDMI is even more useful:One can hook the Asus to a cable or satellite box and use it anywhere you'd putan HDTV. 

Type: All-in-one,touchscreen
Processor Family: Intel core i5
Storage Capacity: 1000GB(1TB)
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6370
Primary Optical Drive
Blu-ray Disc
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 home premium

The ET2400 has four USB 2.0 prts in black,though the wireless keyboard/mouse and the USB IR receiver occupy  two ports.On the right side are the controls for the VGA and HDMI inputs,as well as the tray-loading Blu-ray player/DVD burner combo drive.

The ET2400 comes with a 1TB hard drive,which is certainly enough to record hours from the desktop's built-in HDTV tuner.The Tv tuner works with windows 7's built-in Media center app and can record over the air programming.
Stop using up all the space at the office or your home,get your self the Asus all-in-one desktop that can be your Tv at home and computer at work.