Nokia’s first Windows phone secretly revealed

27th Apr 2011 | category: Mobile Gadgets | Hits: 3257 Nokia’s first Windows phone secretly revealed

During a highly-confidential media briefing, Nokia‘s CEO Stephen Elop showed off the company’s first Windows Phone 7 Smartphone.

During the briefing, attendees were asked not to take photos or record videos of the phone, but human nature resulted in some leaked footage and photos.

The mobile phone has been code-named as Sea Ray, and looks pretty much identical to the Nokia N9 MeeGo, which was released not too long ago.

The only difference with the Sea Ray, is that it has an extra button, different LED flash layout, and Windows OS.

As for the phone’s software capabilities, it seems to operate the same as any other Windows-based phone – naturally no other details have been announced yet.

Interestingly, Elop added that this was only one of many designs currently being worked on by Nokia.