Google has added a feature in "Google Meet" that ensures your video and audio is working well before starting a meeting

3rd Feb 2021 | category: Software | Hits: 1961 Google has added a feature in

The tech giant Google unveiled a new feature in Google Meet to quickly preview how you will appear to others before entering a Google Meet video call. The new feature makes sure your video and audio are working properly and ready to invite or allow your users into the meeting.

Google called the feature "green room" gives you a preview of what others will see when you join a video meeting, it checks both audio and video hardware to ensure they are up to scratch. The feature has started rolling out and will be available to all users in 15 days.

The tech giant says it can help you catch issues, such as poor sound quality and loud background noise, muted microphones and missing speaker or headphone connection.

"When a problem is detected, you’ll see a warning and tips for troubleshooting common issues, like granting your browser permission to use the microphone or camera," Google said. 

Google plans to address issues like an unintentionally muted microphone, a secondary display monitor with a missing headphone or speaker connection, other audio issues, such as poor sound quality, audio that is too loud, or microphone amplifying background noises.

It will be available to all paid members on the following: Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus.