Is Your Email Password Strong Enough From Hackers?

17th Apr 2018 | category: Emails | Hits: 3977 Is Your Email Password Strong Enough From Hackers?

Russia is spelled out as one of the countries with top hackers worldwide, it is no surprise when a young Russian was found bragging that he had managed to collect the usernames and passwords of hundreds of millions of email accounts on the “deep web” - which included accounts from the like of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo (although the majority come from the Russian server”). This is based on Reuters report (a news agency).

People usually use one common password throughout most of their accounts that are easily compromised. Amidst this threat, there is a light….not at the end but in the tunnel.

You can adopt password managers to keep your accounts safe from hackers.
Password managers are apps that keep all your passwords safely tied together. So you create a complicated password for your accounts which can all be accessed from a single password linked to the program.

Password Manager Password Manager

Lets look at some of the best password managers that you can adopt to keep your accounts safe;

1. LastPass

It checks for password strength and auto-generates new ones.It is great for security as its a two step identification process with the help of either a USB key or Google Authenticator. Available for Windows|Mac|iOS|Android|Windows Phone

2. Password

It controls access to all. Easy to use, well designed and integrates fingerprint lock. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android


  • Generates strong passwords (remembers them for you)
  • Works as a digital wallet
  • Works across platforms
3. KeePass Password Safe (Windows)

It is an open source password manager and lets you sync across devices using the cloud ( function can be disabled). Available for windows.

4. Enpass

Data is saved locally with this password manager but can also be uploaded to the cloud securely. Service is free for desktop and does not require an account. Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Blackberry.


⦁ Strong passwords generation
⦁ Autosave
⦁ Automatic password updates
⦁ Digital wallet.

5. Dashlane

It has two-step verification, compatibility with TouchID, and security for your master password. Dashlane interface is easy to use will also notify you if you have an account on a site that's hacked, and with its built-in password changer, you can have Dashlane reset the password to a new, unique, strong one without leaving the interface. Supports Windows|Mac|iOS|Android

6. RoboForm

It gives you the option to keep your passwords and data encrypted local, or sync to the web and across devices. It supports Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Keep it in mind that hackers not only go for the rich and famous but also you that thinks you do not have anything valuable in your mail. Remember your mail is interconnected to all your other digital accounts like twitter, facebook, bank accounts etc. A small Breach to the email, all this is accessed and take advantage of to cause you harm.
As long as you have an identity and an email address, you are valuable. So there you have it, Better safe than sorry so think safe.