FACEBOOK makes my day and in return I make for it money!

22nd Oct 2012 | category: story | Hits: 4408 FACEBOOK makes my day and in return I make for it money!

Can someone standout from the crowd, shame the devil that sabotages internet, provide slow internet to Africa! And answer these questions? How many times do you open your facebook account a day? How many times do you walk into internet café to only and only surf facebook?

That means walk into internet café spend your shillings or dollars or whatever currency you have to just get to facebook. Comeon guys let the truth be told ……………… we all love facebook and it loves us too!!............................Anyone objecting to this? I suggest you unsubscribe from facebook! Can you imagine over 30 million people are on facebook all over the world! Ofcourse I add to the number so is you.

Ok here is the history about facebook. Facebook was hatched in the dorms of Harvard by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and his two roommates Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes five years ago (February 4, 2004). By then Mark was just only 20years old. Him and his friends first made facebook a Harvard thing then later they decided to spread it to other five universities Stanford, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell and Yale and later on after few months went to schools that had contacts with Harvard. And that was it. Facebook has been a rolling gold stone for all those years and has continued to excite so many people around the world whereby they keep meeting their friends, relatives, ex-s that they actually lost contact in many years ago.

Facebook’s ability to relate you to someone whom in most cases is 90% a person you know or you have ever met somewhere either through work places, socially or in that small bar in your neighborhood! Anyway still results come to be true.

Businesses have adapted the idea of advertising with facebooks and most of them have rippled enormous profits due to mark’s innovative, brilliant brains. But guess what mark and his friends also at the end of day get something. Mark Zuckerberg is estimated to be above $1.5 Billion as according to Forbes 2008. This means facebook as company is estimated to be worth $15billion USD and above and this all made possible because you’re part of it. Thousands and thousands of companies around the world pay facebook to have their products, services advertised there.

Facebook has continued to also pay back to its royal users with enourmous applications that you can use to keep your profile a busy and interesting one. Also you can be able to start a group for friends, for your products, for your services or anything that you would like people to know about you and the community you live in. Of recent facebook acquired Friendfeed.com another social networking website. On top that it just launched its unique search engine.

So as users we are to benefit a lot with facebook exciting, educative features and as for it will continue to ripple enormous profits. Way to go facebook….all the best!!