17th Jun 2009 | category: Emails | Hits: 40 HOWTO SETUP MICROSOFT OUTLOOK.

For those that like an email application program with nice graphics, more features and better presentation of your emails then Microsoft outlook is a way to go. With Microsoft outlook, setup is a little bit different from that of Microsoft outlook express.

Microsoft Outlook comes with Microsft Office software (It can be Office 2003, or Office 2007 or any new version)

Follow the steps below to have your emails downloaded using m/s outlook.
I assume you have got all the settings needed from your service provider. Not yet? Well you better ask for the following:-

*** E-mail address. An example of an e-mail address is " or any other domain name ".

*** Username. For example, if your e-mail address is , your username is "yourname." Sometimes username is your full email address ‘ ’

*** Password.

*** Incoming mail server name. An example of an incoming mail server is " Or ".

*** Incoming mail server type. Is the incoming mail server type a POP3 server?
Outgoing mail server name. An example of an outgoing mail server is " or"

*** Does your account require that you use secure password authentication?

*** Does the ISP use any non-standard e-mail ports say 26 or 1025?

You must obtain the details above to avoid problems while configuring your m/s outlook to send and receive emails. Now I assume that you have what it takes to get your emails into m/s outlook program.

1. Click START (on desktop) -> ALL PROGRAMS -> then MICROSOFT OFFICE -> MICROSOFT OFFICE OUTLOOK (version either 2003 or 2007 or any). You should have something as shown in Exhibit A:

When M/s Outlook opens up a popup window with title “EMAIL ACCOUNTS” will display with four options, two under each main category that is Email and Directory as shown in EXHIBIT B.


In case you’re M/s Outlook program was already configured once and you would like to configure it for your emails. See step 2.
2. After opening M/s Outlook, click TOOLS -> EMAIL ACCOUNTS -> then change or choose the option under E-mail to be “Add a new email account”

3. If we are all on “Add a new e-mail account” then click “NEXT” you should see as shown EXHIBIT C:


Choose POP3 (connect to a pop3 server to download your emails) option. Click NEXT
4. The next window you should see as shown in EXHIBIT D.


Enter the details as shown below:-
Yourname: Your full name example “John Joseph” or name of company. Example “The Cleaners”
Email Address: Your email username as mentioned above Example: “” or “”

POP3: Incoming mail server as provided by your service provider. Example or
SMTP: Outgoing mail server as it can be or

Enter Username and Password as provided by the service provider.

NOTE: After filling out the details you can do your testing to confirm that your email settings are proper.

MORE SETTINGs BUTTON: This provides more settings to use as shown in EXHIBIT E.

General General

Important settings to configure in this portion are as follows:-

Outgoing Server: If your server requires authentication then you enable that option “my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”

Advanced: Here you can configure the port numbers (incoming-POP3 & outgoing-SMTP) as provided to you by your ISP. Also you can click on that option of “leave a copy of messages on the server”

When done with the above just click OK to go back to the previous window. Then click NEXT to finish up the setup process. You must get a window as show in EXHIBIT F.


To confirm that your settings are right send a test message to any other email address or friend’s email address to confirm that you’re M/s Outlook is working fine.

Incase the article is not clear, send email or comment.