Customizing Windows 10 Desktop: Tips to Make Your Work Easy

4th Nov 2020 | category: Computer & Printers | Hits: 21 Customizing Windows 10 Desktop: Tips to Make Your Work Easy

The working area of a computer screen is the desktop that stimulates us to work. Now you can easily customize your Windows 10 which was moderate with previous Operating Systems of Microsoft.

We also think that they will continue to add new features in the future too. Here below is the list of things which can help you do more with your desktop to make it look best to work with.

Drag Taskbar

Taskbar is displayed at the edge of the screen that allows you to quickly access the current ongoing task(s). Now you can customize your taskbar to the Right, Left or Top of the display.

You can do this by right click on the taskbar and remove the tick mark (✓) from Lock the Taskbar and now you can easily drag and drop the taskbar to the left, right or top.

Make the Start Menu and Taskbar Attractive

Customizing the color of Start Menu and Taskbar is easy, just right-click any blank space on the window and choose the “personalize” (or right-click on the desktop and choose “Personalize”). This will take you to Settings- Personalization then click on Colors and then you can Choose your accent color. By this way, you can select any accent color you like and change it your way.

Make the Start Menu and Taskbar Attractive Make the Start Menu and Taskbar Attractive

Same way if you want to change the background of the Lock screen you can do it in the same way. Just select Lock screen from Personalization settings and change it. You can also choose more than one app to show detail status when the screen is locked.

General settings like Screen Timeout and Screen Saver settings can also be done through the same settings personalization dialog.
You can also personalize other settings like Theme, Sound, Desktop icon, and Mouse pointer setting through the same dialog.

You can also customize Left Sidebar Shortcut by clicking on Start of the settings personalize, by default it shows few shortcuts to File Explorer, Settings, and Power, with links to your most used apps too. Also, if you want to add few more folders or apps to this sidebar you can add too.

Screen Saver settings Screen Saver settings

You can change the Menu’s size and shape. The start menu will adjust its size by default based on the resolution of the screen. Resizing it is so easy in Windows 10 you will wonder why you are reading this sentence in the tips! Just mouse over to the corner of the Start menu and resize it like you could do with any other window by dragging in, out, up or down to make it adjust to any dimensions you desire that is tall and slim or short and wide.

Live Tiles
Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System offers hybrid or fusion approach to Start Menu, this menu will include all the elements including the live tiles which provide "Life at a glance" within the apps underlying in it.

Pin, Unpin or Resize Tiles
After completing the installation of Windows 10, Start menu is automatically customized with the default tiles which aren’t necessarily of use. So, you are obvious to remove, add or resize it as per your requirement.

Resize or Turn off Live Tile updates Resize or Turn off Live Tile updates

Resize or Turn off Live Tile updates
You can resize live tiles as per your need you can make live tiles Small, Large, Medium, and Wide by just Right clicking on the tile then choose Resize and then one of the options from four.

Start Search with Cortana
Windows 10 has the new feature Cortana which works exactly like the Start search feature runs in Windows 7 or 8.1. Cortana is much more capable and clever new personal assistant which can also be controlled by voice. It will help you search things on your computer, find files, manage your calendar, chat with you, and can even tell jokes - But don't be confused. You can get the personalized user experience by using it much more.

Alternative Option to Start Menu
Still want Windows 7 Start menu with Windows 10? Are you serious? Yeah, you can do it by Stardock's- Start 10 utility: The first Windows 10 Start menu Alternative! As Start10 has been released officially on August 12th (a couple of days before). It just cost $5 and will give you identical Start menu and also offers different layouts and tweaks to suit you.

Modern Modern

It's free as if you want to definitely give it a try before you buy it and if it's awesome you can buy object Desktop at $50 which includes many features like Multiplicity (Control multiple local & remote PC with one keyboard & mouse), SpaceMonger (Analyze & manage file storage on PCs, servers and cloud services), Decor8 (Personalize Windows 8 start screen), access to new product releases and updates, and many more.

Now give your Windows 10 Desktop a Customized look and enjoy working with it!

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