1st Apr 2011 | category: Mobile Gadgets | Hits: 3207 A55 NEW GENERATION DSLR - Sony Alpha A55

It's a decent looking camera, fits well in the hand and is loaded up with new and fairly innovative technology. Honestly some people might find it easy to use, or straight forward, but for the new shooter it sure saves a lot of studying. All in all it's a fun camera to use, it's very easy to get going and the Auto+ makes it easy to get good results straight out of the camera without fiddling with any settings. All of the above pictures are straight from the camera without processing, and it shots in JPG not RAW.


  • HD video,

  • 3D sweep,

  • Face detection,

  • Smile detection,

  • Steady shot,

  • 16 mega pixels

  • Live view & View finder,

  • Continuous AF during movie shooting,

  • GPS

all, and more.

Trust me, it doesn't get any better. Are you interested? Do you want to purchase one? Well, you better!