How to Increase the Max Upload Size Limit

13th Mar 2021 | category: Web Hosting | Hits: 63 How to Increase the Max Upload Size Limit

Most of the times when uploading a bigger image file or a publication into a wordpress or Joomla or Drupal website, you get an error like “this file or image exceeds the maximum upload size for this website “

Error Max upload size Error Max upload size

Below are some of ways to increase your Max Upload Size to MB of your choice.

Through Cpanel

For those using Cpanel, your php.ini file will be created automatically through MultiPHP INI Editor.

Login into your Cpanel and go under Softwares then click on MultiPHP INI Editor.

Cpanel - Max Upload Size Cpanel - Max Upload Size

Under Basic Editor -> Select the home directory or a domain’s document root to open the corresponding PHP configuration. In my case I selected my website domain.
NOTE: If you have multiple domains ensure you pick only that you want to edit its Max Upload Size.

Choose Domain Choose Domain

Scroll to the bottom of the php ini editor and change the size of upload_max_filesize to a figure you want.
NOTE: only edit the number as M is unit representation for Megabytes.

Click on Apply. Click on Apply.

Create PHP.INI file

For those with only access to the FTP account or other panels without PHP INI editors, follow the steps below

Access your root folder of your website either through FTP or any other given Panel then create php.ini file and paste in the following codes to increase your upload_max_filesize

php.ini file php.ini file
php.ini additions php.ini additions

Note: max_input_vars and max_input_time are also equally important.